Boston Tea Party: Alfred Street

There’s a fairly new Boston Tea Party in Bath which I’ve been meaning to try out as it’s much bigger than the Kingsmead Square one – with the days getting colder I didn’t fancy sitting outside for my brunch this weekend!

It’s lovely and bright inside with a great buzz – we got a booth seat which was quite cosy and meant I could sit up at the table too…


There’s so many great breakfast options to choose from – I was tempted with the chorizo hash or avocado and bacon on eggy bread but I thought I’d try something new today. I keep seeing the sign outside advertising the sweetcorn hash so decided to give that a go.


I was not disappointed!! The sweetcorn fritters were perfectly spiced and I loved the crispiness of them with soft pieces of avocado and tomato salsa. The saltiness of the halloumi cut through the sweetness of the fritters and it was all perfectly topped off with two runny poached eggs. I washed it all down with a fresh orange juice served in a trendyΒ drinking jar. It’s little touches like this that make Boston Tea Party stand out for me as it’s not just about the food but the ambience and the experience as well.


Oh and it’s also a great place to meet other dogs – after trying to catch Digger’s attention during breakfast I went over for a little play as I was leaving. Keep an eye out for me next time you’re there as I’ll definitely be back!


Open Monday – Saturday from 7am and Sundays from 8am.Β


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