Pug and Puffin

At last one of my favourites has come to Bath! I discovered Pug and Puffin at Crufts earlier this year and fell in love withΒ the array of dog themed accessories – from coasters to plaques and cushions, this place is a dog-lovers dream!

There’s also plenty of things for me to look at too – earlier this year my dad bought me a camouflage patterned harness so I could match Noah, the shop pug.


My house is also adorned with all the lovely plaques about pugs Β – we’re described as charming, mischievous and very loving which definitely sums me up if I do say so myself! I’m also a big fan of the pug door stop and don’t understand why I always get in trouble when I play with it?!


Today when I popped in Noah was away for the weekend but I did meet a lovely old dog called Murphy. I had a go on his bedΒ and almost got his chew but apparently it’s rude to take other people’s things without asking…


I also tried out some of the beds and cushions in there – I just wanted to make sure they were comfortable enough for all the other dogs! Plus with Christmas coming up I thought I’d better show my mum the type of bed I like πŸ™‚ I’m also eying up a new tweed collar and lead, they would go perfectly with my Barbour jacket!


Open Saturday from 10am and the rest of the week from 11am.



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