The Bath Brew House

Tucked away on James St West is one of my favourite drinking holes. As soon as you walk in you can’t miss the huge window onto the pub’s in-house microbrewery – a unique feature in Bath.

The interior is welcoming with wooden floors, overflowing armchairs and mismatched furniture. A table football in one corner draws a small crowd while an acoustic band is busy setting up in the other corner.

It’s a Saturday when we go but we time it perfectly to miss the pre-match rugby crowds and manage to get a seat. This place also has the perfect beer garden out the back – definitely a hidden gem and one to keep in mind for the summer!


We’re there just to wile away a Saturday afternoon over a late lunch and a couple of drinks. The menu was right up my street featuring American classics like buttermilk-fried chicken wings and I was eyeing up the sharing boards but I do eat quite fast so thought I probably wasn’t the best person to share with!


I was tempted by the smoked brisket but in the end I opted for the smoked pork bap which comes with a delicious apple slaw and tangy pickled red onion. Of course I took the option to add fries for an extra Β£1.50!!


I really like the fact that they brew and sell their own beer – and you can even go on a brewery tour or book onto a brewery experience day. Maybe they could name naone of their seasonal ales after me?!

Open every day from 11am.


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