Picnic Coffee

This place is social media working at its best – I actually hadn’t been to Picnic Coffee before but they tweeted me saying would I like to visit them as they would love to meet me…and had treats – how could I resist?!

They have 2 locations – the first one I went to is above what was Rupert & Buckley – an odd choice to have a coffee shop until you walk up the stairs and see the view across the whole of Milsom Street – perfect for people watching!! Bonnie, the barista gave me lots of cuddles and attention – I was even greeted by name when I walked in! Now that’s customer service ๐Ÿ˜‰

I discovered the other location on Saracenย Street (just behind Pig and Fiddle) when I started going to a crochet club with my mum on Thursday evenings. I’ve got a couple of friends Mabel and Felix who go, plus I get lots of strokes – I don’t think they get much crochet done with me there….!


The cakes are amazing – there’s always something new to try from Chocolate Victoria Sponge to the moreย unusual but delicious Lemon, Lime and Courgette or Beetroot, Chocolate & Walnut Cakes. The Chocolate Orange Brownie is my go-to depending on what else takes my fancy! I always think I should try one of their loose leaf teas which even come with a little timer to tell you when it’s brewed, but they honestly do the best americano in Bath which I can never say no to – in fact I’ve already finished my first loyalty card!




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  1. Percy thank you so much for accepting our invitation to visit and so glad you have made new friends with Felix and Mabel. It is always a pleasure to have you visit. Glad you love the treats!


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